Software Audits, Metrics & Reports

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Baseline Time-Machine


Polarion’s baseline feature captures and preserves the state of your project at a user-defined point in time. The ‘Baseline Time-Machine’ is a unified repository which contains all historical data. Polarion can render a report from any moment in an object’s history. You can travel back in time and an open report from any revision.

The ‘Baseline Time-Machine’ feature enables users to browse any baseline just as if it were the current project state. All artifacts appear in the state they were when the baseline was created; queries and reports retrieve only the information from the baseline. 


Live Reports


With Polarion you can assess the performance of your project in real-time: live, always up-to-date, and fully configurable to your needs. View any report online, in real-time, even via a mobile device. Polarion Live Reports accurately gives you and your management insight into every step in your process. There is no delay or inaccuracy of the data that are presented as the reports are displayed online and based on up-to-date live project information.


Open API – Limitless Access to Data


Extend the reporting capabilities in Polarion by in-place embedded Velocity scripting with full access to any Polarion Data via the Open API and display it to your liking. Or leverage the Widget SDK to deploy your own custom widgets.
Polarion’s reporting functionality can be further extended by deploying custom services to our API, to compute industry/domain specific metrics as efficiently as possible.


Static-Code Analysis


Polarion integrates natively with tools such as LDRA Testbed, Klockwork Insight, VectorCAST, etc. to provide static-code analysis. The integrations allow you to import issues generated within these tools directly as Polarion ‘Defect’ type ‘Work Items’.

The defects can then be tracked and traced in Polarion and used to link to related ‘Requirements Work Items’, or become the subject of ‘Test Case Work Items’, ultimately ensuring that your code meets the standard for security, reliability & maintainability.